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Database Administrator B - Epic

Job Details

Requisition #:
Johns Hopkins Health System, Baltimore, MD 21201
Information Technology
Day Shift


DataBase Administrator B

Hybrid/Remote (Monday-Friday) 8:30-5
This position requires two days a month regularly, and then as needed based on projects and go-lives, etc. on-site.

Weekend Schedule: For certain go-lives and projects, weekend work may be required.

Johns Hopkins @ Harbor East
1000 Lancaster St.

5th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

POSITION SUMMARY: Reports to the Manager of Database Administration and is responsible for the design, development and implementation planning aspects of the database interface mechanisms for the enterprise. Maintains responsibility for the development and maintenance of software programs which provide database capabilities across various platforms found in the enterprise. Leads the efforts involved with the development, testing, documentation and integration of database and user interface software products into the environment. Ensures a consistent, user friendly, human interface to systems for the customer base regardless of hardware and/or software platform. Meets regularly with key user personnel, applications design personnel and vendors to develop requirements for future products and to evaluate and integrate database products into the environment.

The incumbent is responsible for developing and implementing plans for the database integration of systems utilizing the network as a key to integration of all computing platforms. Works closely with security, LAN/server, mid-range, mainframe support personnel, and applications developers to ensure that database integration direction is established and issues are dealt with.

Professional Licensures/Certifidations: Epic ODBA Certification preferred. If not currently certified, will be required to achieve in first 120 days.

Preferred Education: Masters Degree in a related field coupled with 4 years experience in database programming or Bachelors degree in a related technical field or Associates Degree in a related technical field in addition to 6 years experience database programming or component based programming.

Work Experience: Five (5) years of experience with database programming.

Demonstrated experience interpreting and analyzing complex user requirements and developing technical designs involving coding/scripting in IRIS / MUMPS.

Basic understanding of database development including database design and modeling as well as familiarity with one or more of the following database products: Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Microsoft databases combined with a basic familiarity with SQL including queries, stored procedures.

Must possess the following level of understanding in the listed areas: In-depth understanding of various data models such as relational, network, and hierarchical. Demonstrated experience building and developing physical and logical database designs. Basic understanding of the following communications concepts: TCP/IP, SOCKETS, UDP, IPX

Working knowledge of data capture and transformation techniques, ad hoc query, and online analytical processing (OLAP).

Basic familiarity with and understanding of the theory behind the use of version control products.

A familiarity with the OSI model and associated protocols.

Basic understanding of application database access methods Data Access Objects (DAO), Remote Data Objects (RDO), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Database Library (DB-Lib), and embedded SQL coding.

Thorough understanding as acquired through a minimum of four years experience with database development including database design and modeling, familiarity with two or more of the following database products: DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft databases.

Extensive understanding of the theory behind the use and at least three years of actual working experience with of version control products.

In depth knowledge of database security models, physical and logical design, database backup and recovery, database performance and tuning.

In depth knowledge of operating system facilities and utilities on at least two major JHMCIS supported operating system (for example: MVS, Unix, NT)

Basic understanding of at least two JHMCIS supported Database Protocols at the network transport, session and application layers.

In depth knowledge of supported development languages (C, C++, Cobol, Java) or one language and one 4GL (for example: Visual Basic, Powerbuilder ....).

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